Christopher Braide

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'Hauntingly beautiful’, ‘Sit back and simply allow it’s contents to work their magic’-  Dave Ling - Classic Rock mag

'The writing is superb, the performances are excellent and the production really creates a great sense of scale',

'Resoundingly fine album' - Andy Snipper - Music News

'Outstanding album', 'exquisite songs', 'irrefutable musicianship' - Dave Compton - Fireworks

'Mind-blowing', 'masterpiece', 'a work of genius' - Classic Rock Radio

‘Darker Times, It’s my favorite on the album. I feel quite tearful when I hear it, which is a great sign’,  - Andy Partridge - Huffington Post

An all-star cast - from XTC to B-52s - reach for the prog pop skies’ - Team Rock

'Skyscraper Souls is the work of two masterclass musical artists and it is a stunner ‘-  Patrick McAfee - DPRP - 10 out of 10

Brilliantly combining their pop skills' - Prog Report

Melodically soars as high as it’s title suggests’ - Fabrications HQ

Cinematic, ‘epic’, ‘richly textured and well-orchestrated’ - Cryptic Rock

Emotional’, ‘most enjoyable’ - Keys and Chords

Peerless production’ - YES online Podcast

Title track is an 18-minute masterpiece’ - Classic rock revisited

‘Pop, prog and rock melded together in one wonderful album’ – Jason Ritchie - Get Ready to Rock!

'Stands alongside anything Downes has achieved since Buggles' - Hugh Fielder - Classic Rock mag - 8/10

ALBUM OF THE MONTH - Get ready to rock

‘Magnificent album’,’Consistently excellent’ - The Progressive Aspect